Forensic characterization of camcorded films: virtual cinema vs. Celluloid film prints Summary Digital camcording in the premises of cinema theaters is the main source of pirate copies of newly launched films. To hint such recordings, watermarking systems are exploited in order for each projection to be precise and thus identifiable. The forensic evaluation to recover these marks is distinctive for virtual and legacy cinemas. To keep away from going for walks both detectors, a reliable oracle discriminating among cams originating from analog or virtual projections is needed. This newsletter details a class framework relying on 3 complementary features : the spatial uniformity of the display illumination, the vertical (in)stability of the projected photograph, and the luminance artifacts due to the interplay among the display and acquisition gadgets. The machine has been tuned with cams captured in a managed environment and benchmarked towards a medium-sized dataset (61 samples) composed of actual-life pirate cams. Pronounced experimental outcomes reveal that this sort of framework yields over 80% class accuracy. Real Life Cams | Big Brother Cams | Real Hidden Camera | Real Life webCams | Private Real Life Cams | Private Hidden Cam | Real Life Cam | Blog